Doctor Who Haiku (The Doctors)

November 25, 2009

A grey haired old man
At times very crotchety
Susan’s grandfather

Is this man a fool?
Or is he a genius?
This cosmic hobo

A tall dapper chap
And a member of UNIT
As an adviser

A long woolen scarf
Jelly babies aplenty
He’s all teeth and curls

A cricketer’s garb
Celery on his lapel
And a heart of gold

With very loud clothes
He never goes unnoticed
Looks just like Maxil

Another clown or
A dark manipulator
More than what he seems

He rose from the dead
To save the world once again
From evil Master

Fresh from the Time War
With a strong Northern accent
He was fantastic

Full of energy
Is he the last of his race?
Or are there others



  1. Excellent. Are you preparing another?

    • Yes, once I get a feel for Matt Smith’s Doctor. I need to work on the series of haiku on the stories

  2. Dr Hik-who? What a worthy endeavour!
    Did you miss out the last Dr?
    I’m worried about the Doctor Matt – not different enough.

    • I have faith in Steven Moffatt and from hearing that Matt Smith liked Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. I’ve heard that new series may be darker (not a big surprise with the writer of blink in charge). I shall do a Doctor Matt haiku once I’ve seen a few stories. I must go back and work on the epic Doctor Who stories haiku. Thanks for reading

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