Distant Friends

February 16, 2010

No matter how far

I know you are always here

You live in my heart



  1. This really strikes a chord with me because I have long held that the ones we care about live in our hearts. The more we love, the bigger our hearts become. (IMHO) You are SO the better writer! Your words always elicit strong emotions in me. I wish you could take the time to go back through your tweets to find the haiku you’ve done there and post them here. Or at least do it going forward. Many are so moving that I hate to think of them as lost in the Twitterverse. *hugs of admiration* Dani

  2. Pretending this one’s about me. (Okay, and Dani.)

    Dani, how come your name doesn’t link to your blog. Please take care of that, love. Everyone wants to see you. (Everyone. I took a poll.)

    • I agree with J, Dani get your name linked to your wonderful blog, and J you don’t need to pretend :-p (and just HOW did you manage to get the entire world to responde to your poll? ~ and did you put it back afterwards???)

      • I didn’t realize I could do that (yet I know others do, so ~ duh!) I have now gone to the profile page and put the url in, but i don’t know if it’s working till this comment is posted and someone tries it. 🙂 Thanks for doing the poll, J. I love you, too.

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