Union Canal walk

March 10, 2010

This shot was taken today as I went for a stroll along the Union Canal (the one without the locks, if you recall my post about the canals, and if not, check it out). This canal goes through to Edinburgh and that means I was heading into an Easterly direction. It was a peaceful walk, I could here the sound of birdsong, a robin, magpies and jackdaws mostly. I even managed to get a shot of the less well-known fuzzy robin (so-called because it looks out of focus in pictures).

The weather has improved of late and although today was overcast, it wasn’t cold and when the sun briefly won the battle with the clouds, I could feel the warmth that has not been felt this year. Spring definitely feels close but the trees are still barren of leaves.

The towpath (where the horses who pulled the barges, before they were powered, walked) is on the left hand side of the canal, there are stretches of the canal where there is a path on both banks but the left hand path is continuous.

There also happens to be a long tunnel on the Union canal. The railway line that stretches from Edinburgh and goes to Glasgow Queen Street runs alongside the canal and the rail tunnel is just beyond Falkirk High Station. It takes a few minutes to walk and as you can see, it is lit. On the other side of the tunnel is Hallglen and Glen Village (but I haven’t got a pic of them).

As you may know, I often pass and photograph the swans that I see on the way to my work ~ but I have not seen many recently, so it was a nice surprise to see another of my feathered friends.

This wasn’t the only feathered friend that I encountered.  Here are a few more ~ can you guess their names?

These two birds were photographed at Polmont. A short distance away and the view alongside me looked like this

Not all my feathered friends were water birds or fuzzy robins, 3 great tits flew past, perching on branches but not quite long enough for me to get a good shot.

But there is a danger to the birds who live on the canal

For those of you without large monitors (or if you cannot see the lurking menace) then here is a close up…

I have shown you some of the sights on or around the canal, but what of the canal itself? Well these two shots show the way ahead and the road behind.


While the Wheel was being built, renovations to the canal were also being done. Most of them concerned bridges where the road crosses the canal

I did not go all the way to Edinburgh. I Went as far as Muiravonside Country Park (which, according to my phone, is over 8 miles away). The entrance of which is fiercely guarded.

Muiravonside is a country park with woodland walks where you can see trees like this

And this

I also encountered a whispering friend.

And that is pretty much the end of my journey, it was a very pleasant walk and I thank you for joining me.

This has nothing to do with my walk today but I love this beautiful sunset.



  1. Simon,

    What a lovely walk along the canal. So peaceful. Someday I hope to visit again your beautiful part of the world.


    • It was very peaceful, I hope that the next time I walk there, it will be noisier ~ the sky filled with more birdsong. Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. Some stunning photographs, Simon! And, WOW on how you know all of the birds! What a beautiful country to live in, and a wonderful way to spend your day. You must be tired, though after all that walking! Thanks for sharing.

    • I was tired after the walk but it was worth it (psst don’t tell anyone but I don’t recognise some of the birds here ~ I’m still learning :-)) Thank you for your repeated visits and comments

  3. Simon, it’s almost like I got to walk with you, but not nearly as good as if I actually had. Your pics are just beautiful.

    Someday… Scotland is on the j-must-see list. In the meantime, I’m counting on you to show me, and you are delivering. Thank you!

    • I hope that you do visit Scotland one day (but does that mean you won’t be visiting here as you will already have seen it?) Thank you for visiting and for your kind words

  4. Simon, that was fun and a true delight as I lay here in my bed with a cold. You played with my imagination and took me away for a bit. Thank you for that. Joyful!! ❤

    • I hope that you will be fully recovered from the cold really soon. I’m glad that you enjoyed accompanying me on my journey and thank you for visiting.

  5. What an amazingly beautiful place. So peaceful…. Lovely, lovely walk 🙂 Merely breathing the name, “Scotland”, feels reverent to me. Heavenly. Thank you for sharing!

    • You’re very welcome and Thank You for visiting

  6. Great post Simon! I loved going on this walk with you 🙂

    • Thank you ~ It was a peaceful walk (even with the railway line nearby) ~ I’ll need to walk this route again once Spring has Sprung.

  7. I adore birds, so I really enjoyed this tour. Scotland is somewhere I would love to spend some time. It’s lovely!

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