Forth and Clyde walk

March 11, 2010

Today’s walk was not as long as my walk along the Union canal but I saw something that lifted my spirits


Yes, the swans have returned (or had relocated further down the canal)


But the swans were not the only feathered friends that I encountered

And I also encountered the heron

And a group of tufted ducks

Spring feels as if it is right around the corner now.



  1. What a joyful, joy-filled walk it must have been. The swans are beautiful, as are your photographs. Such a lovely way to greet springtime! Thank you for sharing your walks, Simon. They lift my spirits.

  2. Wow, swans. We don’t have swans in the Scablands. They are really majestic.

    It’s interesting to see how birds migrate around the world. I haven’t seen any house finches which seem to disappear in the winter. However bald eagles come down from Canada and Alaska to spend winter here on the Columbia River. I saw one last Saturday! The bald eagles have only been doing this since the nineties. First time I saw one I almost ran off the road!

    Thanks for sharing your corner of the world.

  3. Absolutely smashing photos!!! Love the sequence of them. Very rarely to I have the pleasure of seeing photos as the photographer really sees them. Fantastic work and I look forward to more of this obvious gift and talent you have! Lovely indeed…

  4. Such lovely photos swans really are lovely and those are such lovely photos of them. Just like the heron i always find them so interesting. Must have been lovely to go for a walk and see and photograph all those beautiful birds. I really enjoyed seeing those photos.

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