My Crooked Smile (Part 1)

July 22, 2010

My smile is a little crooked at the moment. It is not due to an injury caused by hearing a joke that was too funny (nor was it the result of an injury sustained after one of my bad puns). It is due to the fact that the right side (or left as you would see me) of my jaw bone has started growing again.

The condition is called condylar hyperplasia. The consultant told me that it is still not known what causes this bone growth, but that the extra growth has caused mis-allignment in my jaw.

The treatment will be carried out over a few years. I would have to wear braces to ensure that once the jaw (upper and lower) is broken, my bite will fit.  A mould of my teeth taken at one of the early consultations has shown that my bite looks as if not much work needs to be done but that will be monitored as the misalligned bite will cause different wear on my teeth.

But before any of this can be done, a check had to be done to see if there was any active bone growth, after all, it would be silly to start treatment only to find the bone is still growing and then we would have to start the whole process again. Time for me to become radioactive. I was given a radioactive injection and told to drink and pee a lot over a few hours, then I had to return to the hospital for  a scan. The results of this showed that there was indeed active bone growth. This would mean an operation before treatment can begin.

The operation would be to slice the side of my face open so that the surgeon can access my jaw bone and shave the bone and hopefully prevent future growth of the bone. There is some risk as the area where the jaw meets the skull is also near some nerve endings which, if damaged, could leave me looking as if I had had a stroke. A CT scan was now required.

The CT scan gave a 3D image of my skull and showed that the bone growth was larger than originally thought. The consultant needs to consult with others.

This is where the current process ends. I was told the results of the CT scan yesterday but I will be going to the dental clinic in August where, hopefully, I will learn more as to what the gameplan for me will be. Originally, I was planning on having the bone shave operation in the new year as I would be able to enjoy Christmas and Christmas time is the busiest time of year for me at work.

Although I have been alone at all my hospital appoinments, I am very lucky to have strong support, especially from an unexpected source ~ twitter.

There have been many people there who have brightened my day, made me laugh or inspired me with their awesomeness that I feel far more able to manage my fears than I otherwise would have been able to do. For that I thank you (I hope you know who you are). I shan’t name names for fear of forgetting someone.

To be continued…



  1. Good afternoon Simon just read your new post i hope everything goes well for you there.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I hope you are well and having a lovely week

  3. I know it will sound like a funny, childish question, but does it hurt? You don’t ever say, and I’m curious if you can feel it at all. And of course, I’m also concerned, and wishing you the best, and hoping you’ll keep writing posts, and sending you j-love in big huge gobs. (Sorry about that. j-love can be a real mess.)

    • The bone itself doesn’t hurt but I can’t really bite with my front teeth (think of a pair of scissors that are too loose to cut) and my molars bite the inside of my left cheek. I have felt discomfort from time to time ~ I had a pain that felt as if my tooth would explode from within, which promted a trip to the dentist and the subsequent referral to the hospital. I’m not sure if it is part of the problem but I often get cramp in the muscle under my jaw when I yawn. After the operation, I will be on liquids for some time (I think 10 weeks) but I often favour chewy food. I also have problems opening my mouth wide which can be a problem (especially when I had the mould of my teeth done). I hope this answers your question, thank you for visiting and a BIG THANK YOU for j-love ~ always appreciated 🙂

  4. You’re in my prayers.

  5. Hello Simon,

    I’ve been completely oblivious to your suffering (well, I’ve been kind of oblivious to everything), even though following you on Twitter. I can only send you my best wishes, and hope for you that this matter will be served painlessly, and with success. Here’s to you dear sir!

  6. Can’t believe it took me so long to get here to comment (it’s because I’m too busy talking to you in other places – 😉 )

    I want to hear more about this. I’ve thought about this often over the last several months — I worry that you’re in pain. I hope you’re not — not too bad anyway.

    I know this will come to a good end soon — you deserve the best and happiest of endings!

    See you out there!

  7. I love that I know so many of the folks that have chimed in already! We are your virtual support team, hand holders, hug givers. We’ll be there for you through whatever comes your way. You have a kind and gentle spirit and that shines through every day. I wish you the best and will try to stay up to date with your appointments.

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