National Poetry Day

October 7, 2010

Today is national poetry day…

But I think it would be nice if EVERY day was poetry day. I would hope to include a poem here but my muse seems to have taken a holiday (or is mischievously hiding in some nook or cranny). I may just  return once more to the excellent “Ode Less Travelled” by the equally excellent Stephen Fry. And if I was smart enough, I may find a way of posting some audio poetry (and I hope that a certain person is reading this and will do likewise). Poetry is an audio art form ~ lyrics of life, love, loss and other things that don’t begin with l.

So in conclusion, I hope you are having a wonderful poetry day (whatever day you read this [and while I’m on the subject ~ THANK YOU for reading this]), if I were cruel, I’d ask for any comments to be done in the form of a poem but as I can’t write any poetry at the moment, it would seem deeply unfair of me to demand it of you.

Thank you.



  1. Good evening Simon its great its National poetry day.
    Poems are so lovely i do enjoy reading poems by those great poets. I do make attempts at writing poems but im sure i will never that good and im too shy to show them to anyone. I hope you are having a lovely poetry day there and i did enjoy reading your post.

  2. Lovely Simon….It’s ok, your muse will be back. Mine has gone missing too. Maybe they are out together having adventures and will inspire us with them upon their return.

    Thank you for bringing National Poetry Day to my attention. I too, wish it were every day.

    Joanne ❤

  3. poetry comes from one’s heart
    it chooses what it wants to say and when
    just as it decides who to love

    neither poetry nor love
    come from one’s brain
    as common sense or logic

    when your heart is ready
    it will give your love to another

    when your heart is ready
    it will share your love in words

    until your heart is ready
    there is nothing you can do
    but wait

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