A World Series post

October 25, 2010

The World Series will start this week, and I am excited. Two underdogs have reached the promised land and will raise the trophy for the first time (for the sake of this post, I will refer to the history of the San Francisco Giants* only). *let me pause for a moment and ask you, dear reader, if you can enlighten me on this strange quirk that U.S. sports teams have of relocating. Football (soccer) teams in this country are known by their CITY name with a nickname being that, a nickname, which means that if they moved, they would cease to be the team they were. A team that does not relocate the FANS should not be allowed to retain the name and history of that franchise. When these moves take place, I wonder how many of the office staff, programme sellers, cleaners etc. go with the team.

Anyway, back to the World Series, as a Marlins fan, I can cheer for two players who started the season (and played a large chunk of it) with the fish, namely Jorge Cantu for Texas and NLCS MVP Cody Ross. Another interesting matchup will be of the catchers. It was not long ago that Bengie Molina was wearing the white and orange of the Giants until shortly after Buster Posey was called up to the big leagues. Another interesting factor is that Bengie Molina has faced the Giants in the World Series before, in 2002 when he was catching for the Anaheim Angels of  Disneyland.

As a Liverpool fan, I am interested to see how the Texas Rangers perform. Like Texas, Liverpool is having to clear up the mess generated by former owner, Tom Hicks.

I am looking forward to the Lincecum v Lee matchup although it would have been interesting to see which team would benefit the most from the two aces missing each other (if indeed any advantage could be gained). All in all, I’m hoping for a long series, if only because I have the week off when games 5, 6 and 7 would be played.

May the better team win and win like champions.



  1. I think we know the better team prevailed 🙂

    • It was great to see the Giants win a World Series for San Francisco

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