My Crooked Smile ~ an update

March 3, 2011

Yesterday, I spoke with the consultant about the biopsy results and what will happen next. The biopsy has shown that the bone growth is not cancerous. The next stage is to remove it.

The surgery will be done in Glasgow, probably on a Thursday (the consultant will be working with another surgeon who specialises in joints [the bone variety I hope]). The surgery will involved them cutting from just above my hairline to just below the ear and then pull back my face to get access to the bone growth. Due to the size of the growth, they may need to move my cheekbone during the surgery for access.

The area where they will be working is an area where nerves that control facial muscles and my face will droop on that side after surgery. Hopefully, this side of my face will recover afterwards but there is a possibility that it won’t.

The hospital stay will be about 4 days with a recovery schedule of 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Once I have recovered from the surgery then we will then begin the dental work required to align  my bite (i.e. braces) followed by another surgery in about 2 years that will involved my jaw (lower and possibly upper) being broken and re-aligned.

I shall keep you updated and I thank you for reading and for your support.



  1. Well I’m so glad it’s not cancerous Simon!
    Still a long road ahead. I will be sending lots of continued good vibes and big snorfing hugs as always. Thank you for the update.

    • A BIG THANK YOU 🙂 I am really blessed to have friends like you {{{big SNORFING hugs}}}

  2. When?
    This is the best possible news I guess.
    As always, thinking of you my friend.

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Thursday. I may even get an email of the CT scan which I shall post if I can 🙂 {{{THANK YOU HUGS}}}

  3. Ditto what Becky said. Glad for the benign nature of the growth (wish they could have told you that last month!) but a long road ahead for you. I hope you have people there that can help and support you? We’ll be here to cheer you on too.

  4. Wow, just saw this. My thoughts are with you as well, my new friend. Huge hug!

  5. if positive thoughts, prayers and the support of friends can help, then you won’t have any complications Simon. there are many, many people who care about you and will be sending positive energy to you throughout this process. i am so grateful that the biopsy came back benign.

    thank you for keeping all of us updated. please be sure to let us know the surgery date so that we can all direct our thoughts and prayers to you. i know that everything is going to turn out well. *hugs*

  6. I feel bad. I just noticed your blog on your surgery. I’m glad it’s not cancerous but it doesn’t sound like fun. Please do keep us updated.

    You are always encouraging everyone on Twitter. I’ve only known you from Twitter, but I consider you one of my friends.

    Get well soon.

    aka Jeanette Bennett

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