Quick update

May 5, 2011

I have been admitted to the hospital ~ waited, saw someone, waited some more, saw someone else [eventually]. But I have been allowed to leave for a while.

I have been told I will be in first tomorrow and that surgery will be 4+ hours.

I will keep you posted when I can and THANK YOU for all your kind wishes 🙂


The operation went well, I am stitched and stapled. My face is half numb (a bit like after getting some dental work done).

I will be meeting with consultant on Thursday and I’ll also have stitches and staples removed.

Thank you again 🙂



  1. I wish you all the best there tomorrow Simon i hope everything will go really well there. Will be thinking about you, best wishes to you there x

  2. thanks for the update… I am thinking of you and hoping all goes well tomorrow, Simon.

    • Thank you ~ the op went well and I was able to leave hospital really quickly ~ I shall be meeting with consultant on Thursday (when I’ll have staples and stitches removed) ~ my face is half numb at the moment

  3. I hope you are getting on well there Simon and i hope all goes really well for you there on Thursday x

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