A woodland walk

July 21, 2011

Here is  a link to a map of my walk, the gap between the start and finish is my fault as I forgot to start the app.

I began my walk by walking along the Union canal, but it was once I walked into the woods that I got the camera out…

Woodland path


Alas, I didn’t see any squirrels in the treetops but if I had, I would have been able to get a better pic…

Further along the path

This path leads up to the Falkirk monument…

Remembering the second battle of Falkirk

Here is a picture of the plaque…

The second battle of Falkirk - 1746 (not as famous as Culloden)

As I was taking these pics, I had the feeling that I was being watched…

What are you looking at?

This stretch of the walk is next to a road and some of the plantlife here allowed me to test the macro ability of the camera…

Macro Shot

I also saw a treat for the birds…

Fresh Raspberries

It’s not just trees that are in this forest…

A wired forest

Even when walking in the depths of the forest, you can see the light ahead…

Walking towards the light

Some trees have been removed over the past few years in order to make the paths easier to walk on…

Textured stump

Open spaces allow me to try a panoramic shot…

The path is not curved

and another…

The view from the gate

and finally…

View from the viewpoint

There are so many decisions to make when walking…

Decisions, decisions

And it’s important to put your best foot forward…

My left foot

Summer is a time for swooping swallows but these guys were taking a break…

Swallows on a fence

These fellows were looking at the swallows but weren’t as impressed…

Cows and calves

I had the chance to capture some more wildlife, this time in macro mode…

Macro Bee

I finally arrived at the Falkirk wheel…

The Wheel in motion

Insert barge in here

A closer look at the mechanisms that turn the wheel

How the wheel keeps the water level

Almost at the top

The red barge reaches the top

There were rain clouds above and it started raining just before I returned home but there wasn’t enough wind to spin these…

Distant windmills

That concludes my journey. I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and if you have, THANK YOU…

Now, I wonder what else this camera can do…



  1. What a wonderful walk. I feel refreshed now. I see many travels and many pictures ahead for you. Thank you for taking me on this journey. Mmmmmm. I hope you picked some of those fresh raspberries for yourself. Loved this. xo

    • Thank you 🙂 I hope you are having a beautiful day. I hope you are correct 🙂

    • Alas, those were the only raspberries there, I must go back and keep an eye out for more 🙂 Thank you for visiting

  2. Love the photos, especially the horse and your left foot! I wish I’d gotten better shots on my vacation, but the hiking didn’t turn out as I would’ve liked. The best was the night hike, and defo no photos on that one! 🙂

    • I once bought a camera once I RETURNED from holiday (a holiday where I REALLY wished I’d had it as I included a visit to Anfield) ~ Thank you for visiting and for your kind words

  3. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! They are very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I also noticed that your BEST foot is your left foot. Is it really?

    • I am one of those strange people who are left footed but right handed (although in some cases I’m ambidextrous) ~ Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  4. I loved it! Very beautiful…..thank you for sharing!

  5. since I didn’t push the right button when I published the comment above..again I really loved it! Great job it was like going on a hike with you.

    • Thank you 🙂 I had lots of fun taking the pics and I’m glad that you enjoy viewing them 🙂

  6. appreciate you eye – a true artist sees angles and composition when many would walk by missing the shot

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂

  7. I was so busy looking for Dave the Zombie I forgot to come see where “we” walked! (see what I did there?) 😉

    • Many thanks for visiting 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the walk

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