Getting organised

October 21, 2011

So, this is the end of my first week of trying to organise my blogosphere. He is the story so far.

On Mondays (not necessarily every Monday), I shall post Dave the Zombie or other zombie stuff (zombiehaiku may appear randomly so keep a look out)

I will also be continuing on my Doctor Who quest (to watch/listen to all the episodes in order) and I will post other Doctor Who related stuff from time to time. I think I shall post these on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays will be a day for poems and pixels, as the name suggests, a poem and a picture.

I have also stated a new blog called Simon’s Stanzas which will be where my haikus and short stories may find a home. I have posted (and lost track of) so many haiku on twitter that I thought that I should create a home for them, especially after some previous haiku had been reintroduced to me. I would also like to have some guest spots on here for the awesome writers/poets that I have encountered on twitter. If these people will agree to be guests, I shall post on Thursdays.

Which leaves Fridays, where I will post here at Simon’s (a)musing. I may use this to ramble on about something or just an update of my week or if I have any guests at the above blogs, I shall mention it here.

I also have a neglected baseball blog that time has prevented me from expanding but I may add the occasional baseball book review or some such.



  1. All Dr. Who episodes in order since the beginning??????? *faint* That’s just awesome right there.

    • I’m into season two (but had to miss Planet of Giants as I don’t have either soundtrack or DVD of that story) ~ I’m currently watching giant ants and winged menoptra in the Web Planet ~ many thanks for visiting 😃

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