Brace yourself

May 28, 2012

I thought I’d do an update as I have progressed onto the next stage of recovery after my operation last year to remove a bone growth in my jaw. The operation was a success and there is a great improvement in my jaw movement. But my jaw hadn’t returned to its former position.

The next stage is for me to have braces fitted to my teeth which will keep them in a consistent place while preparations are made for the surgery on the other side of my jaw to balance my bite out. The moulds taken of my teeth suggest that if the positioning is done correctly, everything should proceed well.

Last Friday (25th May 2012) I had the braces fitted. I’ll be in them for about 2 1/2 years (during which I shall have the second surgery). I am still getting used to them and I need to improve my ability to put the wax over any protruding bits of steel. I still am unable to raise my right eyebrow so if you need a Roger Moore tribute act, you know who to call.

Brace yourself…


A mouth of metal
The steel shines in the sunshine
As I bare my teeth



  1. Two and a half years? Wow. Well, thank you for the update. I have felt that you have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks. Nice to know you are still here (there) and you are able to bare your teeth!

    I am surprised you didn’t opt for some of the fashion colored braces they have out there! LOL!

    • I only had the option for bright orange ~ my next appointment is in August ~ perhaps I should change to orange then in time for autumn. Thank you for visiting and commenting my awesomesauce friend

      • Oh, I am not a big fan of orange. I think that if I had colored braces I would always have to dress to match and that would be a pain. I think the clear ones are interestng!

        And you are welcome.

        I haven’t been seeing you around much lately.

  2. great face :~)
    if they don’t make any 007 movies.. I’m sure that grin would go over really well on a pirate too ;~)

    • I could do a re-enactment of two Bond films featuring Jaws (my teeth) and Roger Moore (my single eyebrow movement) ~ thank you for visiting and commenting ~ mmm I wonder if I can combine those two with a pirate ~ “pieces of 007”

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