Surgery update

February 25, 2014

 As you may (or may not know, if so thank you for reading) I underwent surgery to remove a bone growth from my jaw a few years ago. After the removal my jaw was more J shaped rather than the normal U and I was fitted with braces. The braces were more to keep my bite together (moulds taken has shown that the bite should fit once jaw was realigned) and a second surgery to get my jaw back in place was scheduled. That surgery was due to take place in March 2014 but things have changed.

A 3D printout of my jaw was made and the next stage of surgery will require the fitting of an artificial joint to my jaw, making it U shaped once again. The surgery will take a day and is scheduled for 27th August 2014.

Thank you to those of you who have supported me.

P.S. I shall post a pic of 3D printout when I get the chance to see it



  1. Hoping all goes well Simon x

  2. Do hope all goes well for you Simon. Have been wondering how you were getting on. Sending best wishes to you there xxx

  3. Wow! Thanks for the update! Even though you have a J instead of a U do you FEEL ok? Does that affect your eating/chewing?

    • I tend to chew on one side (strangely it’s the side where the mandible is missing) and eating thin food (such as wraps) can be tricky at times. I hope you are well

      • I am, thanks. It is nice to hear from you!

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