Baseball Books ~ Reference


The Book Of Baseball Literacy ~ David H Martinez


This book was my baseball bible when I was new to the game. It is an invaluable reference book with chapters covering Players and Managers, Executives, Media & Others, Teams, Leagues & Other Groups, Dates and Events, Places, Folklore, Literature & Diversions, Records, Statistics & Awards, Rules, Game Terms & Baseball Business. Some of the information will be out of date now (printed in 1996) but the information it contains is fantastic and the book contains enough relevant information to be worth a read.

 How To Watch Baseball: A Fan’s Guide To Savouring The Fine Points Of The Game ~ Steve Fiffer


I found this gem of a book in a second-hand bookshop in York. It is a great guide in things to look for while watching the game (whether it’s in person or on tv). It is an old book (1987) and the players referenced to in the text will have retired but the information is still relevant.


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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to separate the baseball books into different categories. My granddaughter will be playing softball soon, and I would like to learn the basics of baseball for when I go watch her play. Plus, you and SunnySoCal and csmith2471 and other of my twitter friends tweet things that sound interesting if I only understood what you all meant. ;P Thank you, Simon.

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