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Almost the end…a surgery update

April 4, 2015

This week has been one of great importance for me. It has been the week in which my braces have finally come off.

Following my first surgery in May 2011, I was fitted with braces and now, finally, they have been removed. This has been a long process and I am grateful to all who have helped me, both here and in the virtual world.

I will have to wear retainers when I sleep and they will take some getting used to, in particular overcoming the gag reflex wen putting them in , especially the top one but a quick search for techniques in overcoming the gag reflex has helped tremendously.

This is my first pic without braces and once again, much thanks and gratitude to all who have helped put this smile on my face.


Surgery update

August 3, 2014

For those of you who have been following my progress, sorry it has taken so long to do a new post and for those who haven’t read about my previous surgery, thank you for reading. In fact THANK YOU all who are reading this.

On Wednesday 27th August 2014, I shall be admitted into Southern General hospital in Glasgow where I will have the second of my jaw surgeries. A brief recap, A few years ago a had a pain in my teeth and went to the dentist who referred me to the hospital. After some x-rays and scans it transpired that my jaw bone had started growing again (doctors are unsure why this happened). Surgery was planned to remove the excess bone which was causing my jaw to go out of alignment. After surgery my jaw was now like “J” whereas most jaws are like “U”. My teeth were put in braces until a decision was made as to how to re set my jaw. The surgery had helped get my jaw to get back to where it was or at least about 80%. At present I can’t bring molars on my left side together and have a strong bite on my right side. My teeth at the front dont meet either which makes eating thin food (wraps, lettuce and bacon for example) problematic. Continuing measurements of my teeth (scans and molds) have shown that if jaw realigned then bite would fit again. This Tuesday, (5th August) I will get ball hooks attached to my braces. This is so that during surgery, my jaw can be wired together. A scan last December was used to make a 3D printout of my jaw and the surgeons had to decide whether to just move my jaw back into place (a possibility but jaw may not stay in place) or to make a replacement joint to replace that which was removed making my “J” jaw more like a “U”. It was the latter that was decided upon and that is what will happen in a few weeks time. I have to be there for 8am in the morning (so no need for anesthetic as I’ll be asleep already and the surgery takes all day with a recovery time of 4 weeks.

Yet again, my surgery coincides  with the start of a new series of Doctor Who (last time it was at the start of Matt Smith’s second year as the Doctor) but with all the crashes at the Tour de France, the star studded Vuelta a Espana will be there to help me recover.

Many thanks for those of you who have shown me great kindness in the past and I hope you’re having a great day whenever you read this.


Ball hooks have now been added to braces.


Brace yourself

May 28, 2012

I thought I’d do an update as I have progressed onto the next stage of recovery after my operation last year to remove a bone growth in my jaw. The operation was a success and there is a great improvement in my jaw movement. But my jaw hadn’t returned to its former position.

The next stage is for me to have braces fitted to my teeth which will keep them in a consistent place while preparations are made for the surgery on the other side of my jaw to balance my bite out. The moulds taken of my teeth suggest that if the positioning is done correctly, everything should proceed well.

Last Friday (25th May 2012) I had the braces fitted. I’ll be in them for about 2 1/2 years (during which I shall have the second surgery). I am still getting used to them and I need to improve my ability to put the wax over any protruding bits of steel. I still am unable to raise my right eyebrow so if you need a Roger Moore tribute act, you know who to call.

Brace yourself…


A mouth of metal
The steel shines in the sunshine
As I bare my teeth


A stitch in time

May 12, 2011

Today I had my stitches and staples removed. As that side of my face is still numb, it wasn’t uncomfortable or painful.

My face still remains numb but feeling should return in time.

Thank you so much for your support, it really means a lot. 🙂


Quick update

May 5, 2011

I have been admitted to the hospital ~ waited, saw someone, waited some more, saw someone else [eventually]. But I have been allowed to leave for a while.

I have been told I will be in first tomorrow and that surgery will be 4+ hours.

I will keep you posted when I can and THANK YOU for all your kind wishes 🙂


The operation went well, I am stitched and stapled. My face is half numb (a bit like after getting some dental work done).

I will be meeting with consultant on Thursday and I’ll also have stitches and staples removed.

Thank you again 🙂


My Crooked Smile ~ surgery date

April 4, 2011

First there was the diagnosis

Then there was the biopsy

Followed by the results

And now I have a surgery date.

That date is the 6th of May (which is the birthday of among others; Orson Welles, Willie Mays and former Liverpool captain and later manager, Graeme Souness. It was also the date that Roger Bannister ran 4 miles in under 4 minutes), although I’ll be admitted into hospital on the 5th (so I’ll need to make sure I get my vote in early on election day).

I will be going for my pre-op assessment on 12th April (the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin‘s space flight and 30th anniversary of the first space shuttle launch).


My Crooked Smile ~ an update

March 3, 2011

Yesterday, I spoke with the consultant about the biopsy results and what will happen next. The biopsy has shown that the bone growth is not cancerous. The next stage is to remove it.

The surgery will be done in Glasgow, probably on a Thursday (the consultant will be working with another surgeon who specialises in joints [the bone variety I hope]). The surgery will involved them cutting from just above my hairline to just below the ear and then pull back my face to get access to the bone growth. Due to the size of the growth, they may need to move my cheekbone during the surgery for access.

The area where they will be working is an area where nerves that control facial muscles and my face will droop on that side after surgery. Hopefully, this side of my face will recover afterwards but there is a possibility that it won’t.

The hospital stay will be about 4 days with a recovery schedule of 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Once I have recovered from the surgery then we will then begin the dental work required to align  my bite (i.e. braces) followed by another surgery in about 2 years that will involved my jaw (lower and possibly upper) being broken and re-aligned.

I shall keep you updated and I thank you for reading and for your support.