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Surgery update

February 25, 2014

 As you may (or may not know, if so thank you for reading) I underwent surgery to remove a bone growth from my jaw a few years ago. After the removal my jaw was more J shaped rather than the normal U and I was fitted with braces. The braces were more to keep my bite together (moulds taken has shown that the bite should fit once jaw was realigned) and a second surgery to get my jaw back in place was scheduled. That surgery was due to take place in March 2014 but things have changed.

A 3D printout of my jaw was made and the next stage of surgery will require the fitting of an artificial joint to my jaw, making it U shaped once again. The surgery will take a day and is scheduled for 27th August 2014.

Thank you to those of you who have supported me.

P.S. I shall post a pic of 3D printout when I get the chance to see it



January 9, 2014

I pushed the door open and stepped into the darkness.
My hand felt along the darkened wall searching for the light switch when a voice boomed from the darkness…
“Where have you been?”
My hand found the switch and i flipped it.
The light revealed a room covered with a layer of dust but no sign of the owner of the voice.
The dust had been disturbed at my entrance and now looked for revenge by attempting to choke me.
I coughed.
“Where have you been?” the voice repeated.
“Who are you?” I asked to noone in particular.
“I” the voice boomed “am your BLOG.”
Suddenly things made sense. I wandered round the room feeling ashamed at the neglect around me. I walked around, listening to my footsteps echo in the room.


Playing with pictures

February 21, 2013

I have been very busy so far this year. I have a new camera and I have treated myself to Lightroom 4 to edit the pics. I'm still learning how to use it but here are the first two pics that I've played with.

I'm also working on an eBook celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who in haiku. My working title for it is Fifty, Eleven, Seventeen (50 years, 11 Doctors and 17 syllables). There will be at least one haiku for each story with some other haiku for returning monsters, companions and a narrative of the history of the show. I hope I'll get it done in time for the 50th anniversary this November.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you'll enjoy the pics.

Forth Bridges

Purple Wheel


It’s been a while

November 3, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I thought I’d check in and let you know what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been working on a series of zombie shorts that will hopefully be appearing over advent. I have written a prologue to it which can be found here I hope you will enjoy it. I have a few ideas for it but I may just see how it progresses.

I have also written a blog to commemorate the anniversary of the very first regeneration in Doctor Who which can be found here. As 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I am hoping to complete a celebration of Doctor Who in haiku. Watch this space for more details as they happen…

Health wise, I am currently battling a cold and yesterday had my braces serviced.

Poetry wise, I’ve not done much recently but you can find some stuff here

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment and I hope you’re having a fun day.


Getting organised

October 21, 2011

So, this is the end of my first week of trying to organise my blogosphere. He is the story so far.

On Mondays (not necessarily every Monday), I shall post Dave the Zombie or other zombie stuff (zombiehaiku may appear randomly so keep a look out)

I will also be continuing on my Doctor Who quest (to watch/listen to all the episodes in order) and I will post other Doctor Who related stuff from time to time. I think I shall post these on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays will be a day for poems and pixels, as the name suggests, a poem and a picture.

I have also stated a new blog called Simon’s Stanzas which will be where my haikus and short stories may find a home. I have posted (and lost track of) so many haiku on twitter that I thought that I should create a home for them, especially after some previous haiku had been reintroduced to me. I would also like to have some guest spots on here for the awesome writers/poets that I have encountered on twitter. If these people will agree to be guests, I shall post on Thursdays.

Which leaves Fridays, where I will post here at Simon’s (a)musing. I may use this to ramble on about something or just an update of my week or if I have any guests at the above blogs, I shall mention it here.

I also have a neglected baseball blog that time has prevented me from expanding but I may add the occasional baseball book review or some such.



February 9, 2011

I know that some of (most/all) my valued readers are also amazing bloggers. I also know that I’m not skilled at blogging. Myself and a friend have started a Doctor Who blog here ~~> partly as a way to keep interesting links and info in one place (and an opportunity to share with others). I may do the same with Dave the zombie. Any thoughts about whether this is a good idea or ways to improve my blog….

Thank you


My crooked smile ~ an update

January 31, 2011

The location for the biopsy

At the beginning of the month, I had a biopsy done on the bone that is growing on the right side of my jaw. The procedure was fairly painless (thanks to me being unconscious for the biopsy and painkillers afterwards). It felt kind of like getting a filling done in as far as that side of my face felt a bit numb. It was also good to see the admiring looks that the nurse gave the stitchwork afterwards. I had an appointment during last week when I was hoping that I would get the results of the biopsy and the strategy for what would happen next. Unfortunately, the appointment was a bit of a waste of time as the consultant wasn’t there and neither were the results. (New appointment is 2nd March, I’ll keep you posted). The next stage is not for the squeamish as it will involve a larger slicing of my face in order to remove the excess growth. Hopefully the end result will be that the bone growth will have ceased. If it has, then I can continue onto the next stage, wearing braces on my teeth for two years before having my jaw broken and reset. As I mentioned in a previous post (if I was clever, I’d have a link thing here but I’m not so there isn’t). Thank you for all you kindness and words of encouragement, they really do mean a lot to me and I hope you know who you are.