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Doctor Who haiku ~ William Hartnell

November 19, 2009

Teachers wander in
Discover a Police box
Adventure awaits

Going back in time
Leads them to the quest for fire
By the tribe of Gum

Landing on Skaro
Leading to first encounter
With iconic foe

Inside the spaceship
Fraying tempers may lead to
Edge of destruction

An epic journey
Travelling across Asia
With Marco Polo

The crew now must find
Hidden keys of Marinus
And defeat the Voords

Trapped in Mexico
Barbara proclaimed as Goddess
Doctor invents wheel

They all look alike
But which ones can be trusted
On Sensorite world

French Revolution
Doctor faces Robespierre
Who is overthrown

A question of scale
Is this a land of giants
Or have crew shrunk down

The Daleks on Earth?
a terrifying prospect
and Susan’s farewell